Kyle Duford is an author and brander

Kyle Duford is an author, brander, speaker, and thought leader. Formerly a writer and editor of magazines, Kyle has been part of the outdoor industry for years, having written for Outside, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, and VeloNews.

Going Brand Side

After making the jump to the brand side, Kyle successfully grew the online divisions of many well-known brands, most recently surging online sales for Dr. Martens by increasing the web channel 38% year-over-year, doubling Speck Products online sales within 18 months, and establishing many lifestyle brands in the marketplace. He has worked with Ariat, KEEN Footwear, Xterra Wetsuits, Chrome Industries, Hlaska, Nau, and many more. He earned a Webby Award Honoree for Best Practices along the way for Speck Products.

Kyle as a Branding Executive Creative Director

Since 2019, Kyle has been with The Brand Leader, where he is currently the President and ECD. His ability to massage the work of copywriters and art directors into a cohesive style and tone and then mix it with the right audience and add a dash of sales is why Entrepreneur magazine once said of him, “[he has] made a career of growing online sales.”

How do these mix?

Kyle first cut his teeth in design in the cycling and outdoor space, including Carmichael Training Systems, Retül, Inside Triathlon, and SKI Racing magazines, and his love and writing and design — together — are a perfect fit in his current role.

His success at growing brands over two decades is surpassed only by his track record of making those around him better, teaching and growing people, and building a successful culture. Kyle’s always been a “player/coach”... that’s just how he rolls.

Kyle wrote his first book, Twice Found, an autobiographical story of how his life has changed and how he and his wife found each other again after twenty years without speaking.

On the personal side

Kyle is married to his life-long love, Jerushah — the granddaughter of the late Reverend Billy Graham — and together, they have six children. They live together in Greenville, SC.


“[He has] made a career of growing online sales."

Entrepreneur magazine