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Kyle was a successful executive, mostly because he preferred working overseas to being at home in a broken marriage. But as he started to feel chased by God, he realized that nearly every person in his life—at every stage—was really “Jesus with skin on," showing him God's love for him.

After a period of brokenness and divorce from his wife, he was fired from his job—and knew something had to change. It’s in those days that Jesus used nearly every person with whom he came in contact with to show Kyle he was there, with him.

God saved his biggest surprise for last, however: his life-long love whom he hadn’t had any contact with in twenty-one years. And that changed everything.


Kyle Duford is an author and the President/ECD of The Brand Leader in Greenville, SC. He is a former magazine writer who turned to content and branding and is now a speaker and thought leader. He prides himself on being a husband and father first, an athlete second, and then a brand creator and leader.

Kyle is obsessed with all-things online and has successfully grown online sales for Dr. Martens, Speck Products, KEEN Footwear, OOBE Brand, XTERRA Wetsuits, and more.

An Honoree Webby Award winner for Best Practices, Kyle has the ability to work with copywriters and art directors to create the right brand. Entrepreneur magazine once said, “[he has] made a career of growing online sales.”

You can often find Kyle running with his wife Jerushah on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, cycling over Paris Mountain, or having tacos together as a family with any combination of their six children.


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